Poor diet in pregnancy, poor heart health for infants

by taylorresso on December 15, 2016 - 6:03pm

Pregnancy is one of the most valuable times in a growing baby’s life. It is within pregnancy that babies will begin to grow things such as finger nails all the way to things like their organs. I chose this article by about the under consumption by mothers during pregnancy leading to heart health issues in infants because although my career focus is not scientific, it is on infants and toddlers. They are so near and dear to my heart and their health is the most important aspect of their young life.

For a lot of women pregnancy is beautiful, yet extremely hard. They are not used to their body expanding and growing in such a way that they feel “fat.” This article contains information on pregnant baboon studies about the under consumption of food being lead to their offspring having lifelong heart issues. The baboons that were fed less had smaller babies who had hearts in different shapes than those that were born from well fed mothers. The babies with mothers that were fed less also had hearts that as they were growing, their heart was aging almost three times what it should be normally. The studies were done on baboons because they are most similar to humans and can give us accurate information.

This article caught my attention because it was pregnancy and how it affects children. In this generation it seems that pregnancy has become very common for women of younger and younger ages. Many people are having babies before they graduate college or even high school now and I would never talk down upon it, but their health during pregnancy is so important and I know myself as a twenty year old would not know the first thing to do if I were pregnant. A lot comes along with being pregnant. A woman is literally growing a child inside of her and she is their source of nutrition’s and there are many “dos and don’ts” during pregnancies now. What a woman can eat or cannot eat, what vitamins she should be taking, and most importantly from this article, how much she should be eating.

I do agree with the information this article has to offer. I think food and diet is a key aspect in people’s life and although to a lot of people it seems like no big deal, the right amount of the right foods will make your body the best it can be. With that being said, the right amount of the food for a pregnant woman will not only provide her with good health, but also her baby.  

Many people including pregnant or soon to be pregnant women should take a peek at this article to further their knowledge. This does not affect me now, but in the future when I become pregnant this article will be in the back of my mind always remember to consume enough rather than less than enough. Many households don’t have enough to eat due to lack of income and this problem continues even in developed countries so this is a true problem when it comes to pregnancy. In order to have healthy children with healthy hearts the right amount of the food needs to be consumed by the mothers carrying the babies.





Your article caught my eye because of the mention of the Dutch Hunger Winter that occurred during World War II. Audrey Hepburn was a survivor of this! Malnutrition causes the switching off and on of certain genes leading to these many maladies in later life. Here's a great article on it.

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