The future is frightening rather than exciting.

by Clochette on September 14, 2016 - 8:56pm

To begin, many wars have been declared in different countries. Many people die everyday. Our planet is not a safe place anymore. Moreover, we often here the media talking about the end of the world. Each one of us is responsible for destroying our nature. There are too many cars which cause bad smoke slowly killing our atmosphere. To many trees cut down, so less and less oxygen left for humans. The world is sick. To continue, people in the under-developed countries are starving. They do not have enough money to live a better life. On the other side, some countries are built in a desert costing a lot of money to finally shape up to something. That is to say, nobody is equal. To conclude, our planet is dying day after day. Countries still fight with no ending. People are hungry whereas others live the idealistic life. How can our future be exciting since what is happening?


I think that the Earth is not a safe place anymore, too. Especially, North Korea seems to be a dangerous country from other Asian countries. It conducted atomic experiments in order to attack other countries. Most Japanese people are afraid of it. I also fear it. I hope that the Earth is becoming safety planet.

Hi! My name is Keitaro Umenishi. I could understand what you said soon. We could over wars, so I can exsist in this world now. Actually, I heard that it is difficult for human to solve problems like this. Having a good envinonment let us to increase good human whereas having a bad one let us to increase bad human.

Hello. Thank you for your essay. I agree with your thoughts. I also think that the world is not safety because many countries have some problems. Also, global warming is progressing now. Therefore, I think that we have to find some solutions in order to be able to live safely.

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