The blindspot of inequality

by Amelang on September 15, 2016 - 8:59am

Inequality will always be present no matter where you are. Since the beginning of mankind, women were tagged as being the inferior species towards men. Through time and hard work, women battled for human rights and obtaining equality. They had no rights for education and so they were doomed to cleaning the house and raise kids. Women took a stand and fought for their rights, as if they were no different then men. They now have the legal rights to vote and educate themselves. So the idea that men and women can never really be equal is false. Women try their best and as long as time goes by, they will make their mark and prove their point that there is not much of a difference between male and female. Even if males are known to be know that every muscles can be developed, so there is actually a way around things


I strongly agree with this statement. Inequality will always be present no matter where you are. If someone wants to be equal to another they need to fight for what they are trying to achieve. Like you said women fought to have legal rights and to be educated, I'm sure if we can do that we can fight for anything else. As of today I personally believe females can do anything that a male can. Although most males tend to be stronger females can gain strength to. They just need to put in the effort for the things they really want.

Hello. Nice to meet you, Amelang. I am Koume-chan. Thank you for your short essay. Then, I also agree with your statement. Men and women are different, but each mankind has each role. If there are no women in this world, men can't live. If there are no men, women can't live. Therefore, I also think they are equal. Thank you.

Hi! I really enjoyed reading your post and how you expressed your opinion with such confidence. I strongly agree with everything that you said in terms of inequality being a problem and how women have taken a stand. We’ve further seen this through first wave, second wave and currently third wave feminism. First-wave being in the 18th-19th century which focused mainly on gaining women’s suffrage. Second-wave feminism which was from the 1960’s to 1980’s focused on a wider range of matters such as reproduction, sexuality, family. And lastly, third wave-feminism which primarily focuses on empowerment and race and class. Hegemonic masculinity where male dominance is perpetuated and masculine “roles” such as being strong, well-built, and handsome have been further depicted as unnatural. So, like you said, that every muscle can be developed. Yes, women are arising, however, we do still face problems today such as women being sexualized in video games, and there are ways to stop this, starting with gamergate, a hashtag used to raise awareness of the ethics used to depict women in video games. I strongly suggest that you read this article on gamergate to gain a greater understanding on this type of inequality that women are faced with today. Yes, women will make they're mark, but we also need to stop the things that promote inequality. Hopefully gamergate will be one of the factors to help create an indifferent world for men and women. .

Amelang, your post highlights some of the striking progress that has recently been made in order to achieve gender equality. Feminists have indeed fought very hard to obtain the rights women currently have. I would like to comment on the following statement from the perspective of a professional woman: “Women try their best and as long as time goes by, they will make their mark and prove their point that there is not much of a difference between male and female.” Time in itself will not take care of the pressing inequalities women face at work every day. Even with the passing of laws such as the Equal Pay Law, which stipulates that women and men are to be paid the same salary for the same work, there still remains an important bias against the actual hiring of women. This can be seen during the hiring process, during job interviews and when looking over curriculum vitae: men systematically continue to get hired more often than women. This law also overlooks the fact that individuals are allowed to negotiate their salaries once they reach high paying positions. Men are more favoured to settle on a higher salary with their employers than are women, and thus we can see one of the effects of the gender wage gap. If there is any hope of overcoming bias in the workplace, it is to break the hegemonic social construct that persists to this day, and encourage a dialogue between men and women to understand and work with different societal and gender perspectives: time and laws are simply not good enough solutions to this problem. I am enclosing a Stanford University article, which highlights this very bias:

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