You should be easily identified, and I should too!

by alexlabrosse on December 3, 2017 - 3:42pm

This first issue to be further analyzed has been a reoccurring issue being brought up very often in the province of Quebec. The issue relating to the religious clothing Islamic people in particular wear has been a topic seen as a disturbance. The article title clearly states the topic of discussion, the headline being “I should see your face, and you should see mine”. The article describes changes in the Bill 62, which basically forces anyone giving or receiving public services, to do so with their faces uncovered. In this interview ran by Premier Philippe Couillard, he states multiple facts; supposedly speaking for Canadians in general, saying: “We are in a free and democratic society. You speak to me, I should see your face, and you should see mine. It’s as simple as that.” It then goes on to describe certain specifics of the law, saying it prevents public workers including doctors, teachers and daycare employees from covering their faces while working. As described in the article, this subject seemed to be more of a problem for the liberals, considering they were the only ones who voted in favour for this bill. Although the article didn’t specifically mention which garments are banned, Quebec Justice Minister Stephanie Vallee said the bill aims towards a certain goal; “neutrality of the state”. This statement made by Vallee is rather hypocritical towards the image Quebec, and Canada have been trying to implement with the entering of Justin Trudeau. Since Trudeau was elected, Canada has been letting in refugees and promoting multiculturalism. Multiculturalism has been a term Quebec has been extremely familiar with, considering the diversity we find in our province today. Since most of the immigrants we have been allowing into our country are mainly Muslim, I see this Bill to be rather indecisive because of the fact that it makes our government look like they are not sure how they would like to go about this issue. I believe if we are going to promote how accepting we are of these different races entering our country, we should also be able to embrace the culture they could bring to us. If we are going to have them enter, and then strip them of their religious values, this isn’t very accepting. The article concludes by speaking about legal challenges which would obviously be present following Bill 62, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke a few words about this saying: “I will continue to work to ensure all Canadians are protected by the charter, while respecting the choices that different parliamentarians can make at different levels,”. After all, I see this statement as simply a safe thing to say. While saying this, Trudeau basically doesn’t indicate any opinion regarding Bill 62, and simply acknowledges the issue, and says he’ll look into it. To my opinion, I believe if we would just live like before we would be fine. There haven’t been any issues here stemmed from this topic. I understand the government is simply trying to protect the public, but there are bigger issues than this one. Could you see the reasoning behind Bill 62?

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