Women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia  

by Eva Castro on December 3, 2017 - 9:14pm


Women are allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia  

The article ''Saudi women celebrate news they will finally be allowed to drive'' recounts all the good things that come out of this new privilege that was given to the women in Saudi Arabia. It also talks about the hardship some went through before it was permitted for women to drive. While for us this might not seem like a big deal, for them this represent a bigger step to their independence. This new privilege has all the women feeling happy and celebrating because for some they can now have the possibility to obtain a job that might not be within walk distance from their house 

Driving, represents a key to a better future for a woman since now she can drive herself to her job and does not need to pay for transport.  According to this article, one third of a woman's salary per month could be dedicated to transport, that is a lot of money they can now invest in their selves or their families.  Kholoud Attar, a 32-year-old Saudi designer and magazine owner who has been running her business for 10 years, told CNN that driving makes a "huge difference" for both her and her female employees. The difference is that now they would be saving more time and getting more things done. 

While now everything is good there was a rough path to go through before these women finally got the right to drive. Manal al-Sharif, is one of the women who suffered firsthand the consequences of driving when it was not aloud. She is one of the women behind the Women2Drive campaign in Saudi Arabia. After posting a video on YouTube of herself driving she got send to jail in Saudi Arabia in 2011. Since back then Women were not allowed to drive the act provoked death threats and spurred her to start the campaign.  Since she now lives in Australia she posted a picture of herself driving to celebrate with the others the great news. 

In my opinion, this are great news because we can now see our fellow sisters become more and more independent. For me driving has always being a right, all I needed to do is get my drivers' license and that is it! Next step is to get a car. But for these women, for a long period of time driving was just a fantasy until they fought for what they believed was right and won. My question to those who read this post is if you think that driving should be/or is a right or a privilege? 


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I actually thought long and hard about your question. I think to some it should be considered a privilege because people do abuse it. With reckless driving as well as driving under the influence I believe that this should be considered a privilege that everyone can have, but that can easily be taken away. Everyone should be able to obtain a license, but those who abuse that privilege should be held accountable for it, and their privilege should be revoked. Women being finally able to drive is an amazing thing that this world has finally accomplished. For your question to conclude, everyone should have the privilege, but it should be able to be easily taken away if taken for granted.