Weinstein Behind The Scenes

by alexRN on December 5, 2017 - 9:43pm

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This article relates how Harvey Weinstein, disgraced Hollywood Producer, created a whole empire and network in order to keep his inappropriate sexual behaviour a secret to everyone and how he used his resources and power to intimidate actresses who would have sexual relationship with him. Some of his methods included paying 50,000$ to an actress who was writing a memoire so she would write “No one understands smart, intellectual and commercial like HW.” instead of writing about the times she was the victim of sexual harassment at his expense. The position of  power HW occupied allowed him to cover most of his misdeed by putting peoples’s jobs in jeopardy if they talked to anyone about his behaviour. His variety of connections also allowed him to make it easy for him to blacklist anyone who resisted his harassment or threatened to talk. Weinstein would even ask agents to send their clients alone to meet him if they wanted him to consider their clients for roles. Pretty soon smh behaviour was shrugged off as “Just Harvey being Harvey,”. Often these agents couldn't do anything but to agree to Weinstein’s demands because he was the only game in town. He also handled press scrutiny with promises of exclusivity and invitations to stars, directors, and celebrity packed parties, some of them even signed movie and book deals in order to stay quiet. Now, everyone who has work with Harvey Weinstein are faced with lawsuit for negligence and/or turning a blind  eye to what was happening. I think that, obviously, Harvey Weinstein should be prosecuted for what he has done to those women because what he did was unforgivable, but also because the silence that shed on most of his tenure about his sexual misbehaviour sets a precedent for other big producers to adopt a similar way of “doing business”. However, on a note somewhat unrelated to this particular case but more about the general issue, I am worried as to just how far can accusations of sexual harassment will be able to go in the near future. I am not arguing that what Weinstein did want bad, but in other, smaller cases, how will sexual harassment be defined. Because the law is still unclear about what exactly consists of sexual harassment, and if more cases like the one of harvey Weinstein go public I wouldn't  be surprised if the limits of sexual harassment stretch way further then what they are now. Who knows maybe in 3 years giving a hug will be sexual harassment, and I don't know of that is good or not.