Trumps' Syrian Ban

by jesus98 on December 3, 2017 - 8:24pm


Over his short period of time as the president of the United States, Donald Trump has been putting up new laws and bans to protect the country from outside threats. The ban against the Syrian refugees have been keeping families a part for almost 10 months, not allowing them to enter the country and not letting anyone out of the country. Over these past months, this discrimnatory law has been causing protest in airport all over the county. One federal judge put a halt to this law because it is discriminatory and since then it has been up to the U.S. supreme court and back down into federal district after being rewritten. The lastest version of this ban targets about 150 millions potential traveller from Chad, North Korean, Iran and many more. The administration says that the new band is for security reason and the willingness that the country have in sharing information about the travellers.     Two judge from Maryland and Hawaii have both blocked it and the main  reason why they did is because they believe that it has no security purpose and claims that it breaks the U.S. immigration law. President Trump is  anti-mulism because he believes that everyone that comes from these places are involved in terrorist activity. As all of us might be aware president Trump keeps making tweets about his position and sometimes his tweets are uncalled for. He has been going after the leader of North Korean, by challenging him and running his mouth. Trump’s administration  says the ban will be revocked or have less restriction if the named countries are prepare to work with the United States to make it more protected. In my opinion, I don’t believe that this law is necessary, no this law shouldn’t even exist. This is what is causing racism and violence against certain population in the United States because president isn’t seeing everyone as equal. The president does not feel comfortable having Muslim immigrants in the U.S, he decides to put a ban and doesn’t allow anyone from Muslim state, which is ridiculous because not everyone in those countries believe that violence is the way. Most of these immigrants that are being banned from the U.S. are civilians trying to run away from the problem that their home country is having. Is this ban really necessary or is president Trump out line to do this to so many innocent people?




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