Trump still undecided on Israel's capital

by jesus98 on December 3, 2017 - 8:25pm


  The  president of United states of America is still unsure of what he will do concerning the capital of Israel. He wants to  move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem but the  Palestinian president has told the U.S that if they move their embassy to Jerusalem that it would threaten the future peace process between both countries. The Palestinian president says that it would be unacceptable for the Palestinian and all Arabic nation to agree to let this happen. President Trump on the other hand does not mind causing protest in the street just so that he could get the U.S embassy moved to Jerusalem. He knows that if he moves the embassy it will create cause but he made this promise to the people the of United States and he intends on keeping his word, but Trump is stuck between moving it and staying where it is, to keep the peace between both parties in Israel. Both the Israel and Palestinian are claiming that the Jerusalem is a part of their history and are negotiating to determine if Jerusalem should be the capital of Israel. If the U.S interfere by moving there embassy it could spark conflicts, but president Trump knows that he cannot let his balance place on the holy city be affected because it could cause event more chaos in the country. In 1995 a U.S law was signed by former president Bill Clinton that the U.S embassy should not be moved except if it’s in case of national security. The president has to sign a waiver every six months, if the waiver isn’t signed, it means that the U.S embassy will be moved. president Trump has issued a waiver and he plans on moving the U.S embassy but he could also determine otherwise. In this case I  believe that president Trump should not move the embassy because it would create conflicts between the people of Jerusalem and cause revolts. Jerusalem is a sacred place for a lot of Arabic nation and I believe that it should not be involved with affairs that could create conflict, there has been enough wars and civil movement concerning this place that we should just stay out of it. If president Trump wants to create chaos and outbreaks from the people, it is his choice. Do you believe that president Trump should move the U.S embassy and risk ending a peace treaty between the both cultures to get what he wants?

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