Trump Impeachment

by alexRN on December 5, 2017 - 11:30pm

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In this article from the Guardian, it reported that a democrats congressman he intended to force the House to vote on Donald Trump’s impeachment. A representative of Texas has said that he will present articles of impeachment to the House, arguing that the president was “unmindful of the high duties of his high office and the dignity and properties thereof”. Although this impeachment threat is very serious, this representative would have to prove that President Trump has committed any crime or obstructed justice, but he did say that Trump’s affiliation with white nationalism, Neo-Nazism and his penchant for xenophobia make him unfit to occupy the oval office. It is also said that his involvement in issues like the NFL protests and the several potential international disasters that he's creating with his twitter account make him actually too dangerous to keep in office. The article end on the note that an impeachment is, at this stage, still very unlikely. I believe that even as unlikely as it may seem, the democrats should push this talk of impeachment because I strongly believe that Donald Trump Is the most dangerous person on the planet right now, Especially on the international aspect. With his twitter account Trump has attacked and was outright disrespectful with many world leaders and is actively ruining world by pulling out of numerous environmental agreements and reopening coal mines. If I was in the position to make Trump go away I would start the process of impeachment. Also if we look at the past impeachment procedures in the history of the USA, we can see that Bill Clinton was almost impeached for way less than ruining foreign relations and meddling with Russia to fix the elections in your favour. In fact, I am still surprised to see Trump in office, even after all the chaos he’s creating in the white house and the G8.




I agree i still cant believe he was elected and i find his behavior to be complexly unprofessional. when someone talks about him in a negative light he lashes out on twitter. it is kind of embarrassing to watch to see an adult be so reactive to comments. as president he represent the country so his behavior is not what he should be presenting himself as. His PR team must have heart attacks whenever he touches his phone. So yeah i do not think he should remain in office and if they start moving the impeachment forward good for them. Some people just are not cut out for all that responsibility. Why is it so hard for him to understand this?

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