Terrorist Attack in Quebec Mosque

by corinnearchambault on November 23, 2017 - 8:46pm

At the end of January 2017, two men entered the Quebec mosque and killed six people injuring eight more. It was an obvious act of islamophobia. Many political figures instantly took part in supporting the Muslim community and criticizing the act. For example, both Couillard and Trudeau told speeches and showed their compassion via social medias. Trudeau denounced the terrorists by calling them cowards. Worldwide responses to the attack were positive, and again, supporting Quebec’s Muslim community. Some vigils were also set up in order to physically do something to show support to the hurt population. This recent attack has motivated many municipalities’ police departments to strengthen their security near Muslim places of cult and encouraged the population to call them if ever they saw somebody suspicious near Muslim centers.


I believe this terrorist attack is horrible. All terrorist attacks are act of cowardice, but killing the Muslim population adds up because it is also an act of racism. It is reducing an entire population and religion to a few radical and violent individuals and punishing them for it. We live in a society enforcing multiculturalism, but the education received in the past and beliefs reinforced by current events have consequences on the population’s open-mindness. I strongly believe in equality and I think that this type of violence goes against this fundamental value. People causing such pain to other humans should be arrested and put in jail. Murder is murder and it was an inexcusable move that deserves punishment. Our society severely punishes anyone hurting someone else and this is what happened. I hope that the terrorists will be imprisoned for the many years to come, and get punished for what they have done. Do you think punishment in multiple murder chargers should be bigger in cases of racism?

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This is such a terrible event to happen. I agree with you, any act of terrorism is disgraceful and cowardice. It sickens me even more, that most of the terrorist, or even controversial acts in Quebec have targeted the Muslim population. They do not deserve to be treated as such, simply because people are afraid, and because of past events. These acts need to stop! However I found your summary to be a little short, and it would have been nice to have more details on the subject. On the other hand, it was interesting to read and an important topic. Good Job!