Teen takes out anger on infant

by emillyorsini on December 8, 2017 - 3:38pm


A 16 year old teen from Saskatoon is being charged for the murder of a six-week old baby. The teen confessed in great detail to her crime in court. She explained how she strangled, hit, kicked in the head and, stabbed a nail into the baby’s face. She expressed to the police that she had let her anger out on the baby, that she was tired of life and got mad and took it out on the infant.

The day before the incident, the teen runaway from a 10-month open custody sentence for offences like assault with a weapon, robbery, break and enter and more. She stated that she was in the streets asking people for a place to stay and smoked cannabis that she states was possibly laced with meth. She later went to the home while drinking alcohol. The family allowed her in their home, not even knowing who she was but still let her in  because she had been asking for help and a place to stay.

The teen then claims that she did not want to kill the baby and that it just happened. She claims she was depressed and missed her family that night. That her adoptive parents are both dead and she'd been living in youth facilities and group homes. She claims she was just missing her family. She states that she is very sorry to the family and how much she regrets what she has done. Now the court is deciding whether to sentence her as youth or adult.

I chose this article because i find it devastating that this teen, at such a young age was so angry with life that she killed that baby. Reading where she came from and having a picture of her life makes it understandable to why she feels this way. But, her actions towards her feeling must be dealt with. That it is still not a valid reason to murder someone. Murder is still a crime and she will have to deal with her consequences. Even though her life was not easy, i still believe she must deal with what she has done. Knowing her problems, id hope she learned and will try to find a solution. Now the court must decide how to charge her as youth or adult. What do you think she should be charged as?


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