The Resurrection of the White Supremacist Movement.

by MishelAtaev on December 3, 2017 - 10:15pm

There has been a resurrection of a movement in the continent of North America, a movement that has evolved to become more violent than ever before. The return of white supremacist movement was reinforced by the president of the United States whose words could be taken to be like those of white supremacy beliefs and as such facilitate their movements. However, some people started realizing that the movement is completely wrong and have started to get out of that mindset. A major example is Brad Galloway who escaped from the white supremacist movement after seeing the things they do, and after realizing how many times he has interacted white people of minority status such as the Jewish doctor who saved his life.

White supremacy is not a topic that can be taken lightly, as most white supremacists should be considered dangerous people. A lot of them are also Trump supporters who believe that he will deport all immigrants away from the country. There are major flaws with the way white supremacists think, for example they believe that the holocaust never happened while there are plenty of pictures of Jewish people suffering in concentration camps. Why do white supremacists start falling into that bottomless hole?

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