Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

by Anonymous3 on November 2, 2017 - 7:27pm

A 17-year-old undocumented pregnant teen has been withheld from getting an abortion while in a Texas shelter for abandoned minors. The Trump Administration has been fighting against a court decision to allow the procedure. In court documents, she has been named Jane Doe and she was still able to proceed with pre-abortion counselling because of a Texas law, which took place on October 19. Because of a Texas law that states a minor must have parental consent to obtain an abortion, the American Civil Liberties Union claims that the 17-year-old teen must get a judicial waiver to terminate the pregnancy. Moreover, there was a complaint that stated that the federal government forced the pregnant teen to go to a religious crisis pregnancy center instead of getting her to the clinic in order for her to have the abortion. This center has pro-life leanings and is made for convincing pregnant women to not get an abortion. The decision that the government cannot keep the 17-year-old from undergoing this procedure was recently pronounced by a federal court. One of the teen’s lawyers believes that extending the abortion may put the teen more at risk. Each day that passes makes the procedure longer and riskier. Her lawyer, Susan Hayes, claimed that the abortion would have been easy if the government would have just respected her civil rights. The president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America believes that the Trump Administration are risking the health and lives of women because they are “playing politics with women’s lives”.

Prolonging a procedure such as this one can put the woman more at risk. A woman’s body is her own and not anyone else’s; if she wants an abortion because she knows that she will not be able to support the baby it is her choice to exterminate the pregnancy and not anyone else’s. Whether the decision to get an abortion is because of financial reasoning or because she is a minor why would she want to put the baby and raise it in a negligent environment. Also, many people say that if you cannot support the baby than just give it up for adoption. I don’t think that people realize how hard it is for a mother to carry a baby for nine months than give it up and possibly never see their child again. Not only is it hard for the mother but it is also hard for the child. Yes, many children who have been adopted love their families and wouldn’t have it any other way, but the reality is that not all children who are given up for adoption experience a fulfilled life. Imagine always wondering where you came from and never being able to meet your biological parents. There is a foster home down the street from my house and when I was younger my friends and I would often play with the kids who lived in that home. While engaging with them, I saw how they had trouble being around us and our families. Reminiscing about this now really makes me appreciate the environment I was raised in. This is why I believe that it is the mother’s choice whether or not she wants to keep her baby, give it up for adoption or get an abortion. Put yourselves in a mother’s shoes and reflect on how you would feel if you knew you were not able to give your baby a life he/she deserves.

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The reason why I chose to comment on your post is because your topic is very thought provoking and your title is also very eye catching .

As a feminist, I agree with you on the fact that women should be allowed to decide what they want to do with their own bodies in regards to whether or not they want to have an abortion. Some women get pregnant by accident at a young age and are therefore not capable of taking care of another human life. Having an abortion is not an easy decision to make as no mother wants to purposely kill their child, but those who do decide to receive an abortion are very mature as they are not only thinking about themselves but also of the best interest of their unborn child. If abortion were completely illegal all over the world then there would be a lot of children in adoption centers or in families where they face neglect from there mothers and fathers or just grow up in very difficult living conditions. Therefore, I believe that there should be more women in politics to help prevent further stories like these from reappearing because no man should have the right to decide what women should do with their bodies.

Do you believe that males in politics should have the right to decide what women should do with their bodies?

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