President Trump is Ashamed of the N.F.L

by kimberlyS on November 3, 2017 - 5:19pm

The issue being discussed in this article, is the fact that the N.F.L players decided not to kneel during the American National Anthem before a game. President Trump was very offended by this and believed that the players had no respect for America. Their excuse was that they would not kneel for a country where racial oppression still occurs. Even though, Trump believed that these players should be fired since he was very ashamed of this having occurred and many fans were very angry of this event. Many apologies have had to be made by other teams. To try and soothe out the situation, the N.F.L have been told to follow the rule of kneeling during the anthem. The Black Lives Matter movement did include themselves in this matter since they believed that there is a major racial injustice and ignorance. Protesting and boycotting is currently being done against the sayings of the president of the United States towards this issue.

While reading this article, I was stunned by how ignorant people can be. Instead of addressing the issue with the N.F.L, the president is completely ignoring the explanations of why the team didn't kneel. Although, I also think that it's not okay to go against the National Anthem because I do have a lot of respect for the soldiers that faught for their countries. I see refusing to kneel, as a demonstation that the individual doesn't care about all the soldiers that died at war and all the hard times that they had to suffer through. Even if this wasn't the intention of the N.F.L, I think that unfortunately, what they did will only  make them suffer major consequences instead of being heard. I do understand that they wanted to make a point but it made things go even more sour. 

To conclude, It's a very difficult situation to resolve and I indeed do think that people should stand up for themselves and for what they truly believe in, but sometimes fighting fire with fire doesn't resolve anything. All this aside, I find it very dissapointing that even today, in year 2017, there is still racial discrimination. Every individual no matter what their culture is should have equal rights and be respected by others. 

What is it that should be done for individuals to successfully be heard by higher powers?


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