Pit Bull Ban in Brossard

by PProvencher on December 2, 2017 - 4:51pm

This article outlines the pit bull ban that was recently implemented in Brossard. Current pit bull owners are allowed to keep their dogs if they are ready to abide to all the rules that will be put into place by the city. Some of these rules include, having $250,000 in liability insurance coverage on your dog which can be quite pricey and hard to get, as well as making the dog complete an obedience training course. The owners will also have to equip their dogs with a microchip and make them wear a muzzle whenever they are in a public setting. These dogs will also not have access to designated dog parks. The specific breeds that will be banned are the following: Bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull, American Staffordshire terrier as well as any mix of these breeds. The mayor of Brossard at the time said that this came in response of the pit bull attack on an 8 year old girl in a Brossard park. The girl was left paralyzed in the left side of her face. The article also mentioned that the province of Quebec is looking into maybe banning some breeds. This comes after the death of a 55 year old woman in Point-aux-Tremble. Many against the bans, like the Montreal SPCA, say that owners are to blame and that is where the problem is sourced.  Other cities in the area recently lifted their ban on pit bulls and they said that they are going to target dangerous dogs instead. These dogs are characterised as dog that bite or try to bit a person or other animal and/or that manifest signs or aggression.

The issue at hand, is should pit bulls be allowed in Brossard or any other town for that matter? In my opinion pit bulls are amazing animals but they are dangerous. If these dogs do not receive proper training they have a powerful genetic makeup that enables them to deliver devastating blows, in some cases they can even kill. I grew up having dogs, and I love animals and I think that having a caring relationship with a pet can teach you a lot about life and responsibilities. I was also taught to logical approaches to problems in order to find solutions. The dogs and the lack of training share the blame in my opinion. Unfortunately when you have something that is such a high liability, like a pit bull, it is just not logic to have them around. I would be in favor of keeping them if there was a rigorous process of ensuring that all pit bulls receive proper training but before a solid flawless system is put in place I think that the risks outweigh the benefits. What do you think about the ban, is it justified?



Rukavina, Steve, and Kamila HInkson. “After string of pit bull attacks, Brossard to ban breed.” CBCnews, CBC/Radio Canada, 14 June 2016, www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/brossard-pit-bull-announcement-1.3633076.




I have a dog even if he's not a Pitbull I feel like Our justice system has issues. They did not look at the real problem they only saw one side of it. It is horrific that these attacks occurred and one should always place a muzzle, but this could just have easily happened with a German shepherd, Cane Corso, bull mastiff or any other large breed with cruel and aggressive owners who abuse and mistreat these animals to encourage and instill aggression in their dogs.
The change needs to be stiffer penalties and jail time for these irresponsible owners. Our legal system is a joke when it comes to punishing and holding irresponsible people accountable who put other's safety and wellbeing at stake. Whether it's drunk or distracted drivers, gang members with guns and knives, drug dealers with potentially lethal drugs. They all have the potential to hurt or kill others. Maybe we should just ban vehicles, alcohol, cell phones, guns, knives, and drugs so they can no longer hurt/kill anyone either. My point is that these breeds are beautiful and lovable dogs’ great with kids. They should not ban the dogs. Instead, they should put more significant penalties on the owners that mistreat and hurt the animal.

Pitbull’s should not be banned, if you do not agree please leave a comment.

I agree with you that some of the blame has to be put on irresponsible owners, and that people who mistreat animals as well as commit any crimes should be jailed, naturally. The problem with punishing only the people that are caught mistreating their dogs is that this is something that happens only after wrong actions have been committed and this is not eliminating the problem at the source. If a) pit bulls are banned, then they won't have the chance to attack people or b) if all of them receive intense training and are only owned by responsible owners that understand what comes with owning one of these dogs then the problem almost disappears. This is why I think the problem starts with the dog and there is where lies the solution! I was mentioning the ban being as being a good solution more as in the way that is is a preventive measure because I believe that being injured and killed by our pets is simply unreasonable and should be regarded as unacceptable within our society. I think pit bulls are a beautiful creatures but without proper training they are dangerous. This is why I think that before we can establish a way to properly educate not only the dogs, but the owners, the ban may actually be a good alternative. Let me know what you guys think?

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