New TransCanada Pipeline Construction Project Cancelled.

by MishelAtaev on October 31, 2017 - 9:09pm

TransCanada has canceled a project to construct a pipe that would pass through Montreal, towards Saint John N.B. after protestations from the citizens of Montreal. The mayor, Denis Coderre, has stated how this victory is a crucial step towards removing the collateral damage the pipeline would’ve created. A leak from the pipe would’ve led to major consequences to the surrounding area. Managing to stop the creation of the new pipeline is a way to tell a message to companies in the energy sector that they need to create a source of renewable energy. The Mohawks chief Serge Otis Simon believes the cancelation of the project is a step towards the right direction for not only First Nations but for humanity as well.


 The cancelation of the project is a step towards fixing relationships between Canadians and First Nations as well as doing less damage to the environment. I believe however that there is much more we should be doing to improve the current state of the environment. This is a major improvement from the constrictions of the Kinder Morgan pipeline on the land of First Nations. However, compared to First Nations, a company would more likely listen to “True Canadians” who protest the construction of a pipeline than listen to First Nations. Did First Nation people deserve the same treatment as Canadian people? Yes. The question we should all be asking ourselves now is, is it too late to change our relations towards nature and First Nations?

 Laframboise, Kalina., "Quebec politicians, environmentalists hail demise of controversial Energy East pipeline" CBC, October 5th, 2017, Accessed October 31st, 2017.


I chose to respond to your article because I really like your effective writing. I, however, disagree with your opinion on the damage caused to the environment. Many industries all over the world are currently exploiting natural resources and they are not about to stop. This means that going against this project will not have a significant impact on nature's health. Furthermore, it would have been a great opportunity to create more employment in Canada. In my family, finding work has always been hard because people around me chose to do manual jobs and there is not always enough employment available. This project would have been great for us and would have allowed us to flourish both as people and as Canadian. Our economy needs a boost and this could have been it. This pipeline was an appealing project and would have put us on the map, once again. I believe Canada is a great source of natural combustible and other sellable products which is good for our economy. Could you explain in depth why you think using the Indigenous ground (which is Canadian ground as much as they are Canadian citizens) is wrong and should be avoided?

If there was a leak in the pipeline construction, it wouldn't have been just the environment that would be affected, it would be the environment near Montreal. It would reduce the amount of drinkable water, pollute the surrounding even more and at that point finding a job would not be a concern, as there would be no planet for us to live on. That is my main concern with industries right now in general is that they value gaining money which they destroy nature for, not fearing the consequences of their action which would lead our generation to try and fix what they caused or make it even worse.
About the Indeginous ground, which you claim belong to Canada, there is agreements between the Indeginous people and Canada's governement that the land "belongs to them", and if Canada actually wants reconciliation to happen they should avoid construction on the little land the Indeginous people have left.

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