NBC Claims Gamers are Part of the Alt-Right Movement

by MishelAtaev on November 3, 2017 - 8:39pm

NBC has posted a video claiming that  the alt-right movement is caused and consists of gamers. The rise of the Charlotsville incident in August of 2017 was started in a app called Discord which allows gamers and friends to build a community together and interact with each other. The rise in popularity of Discord has also been noticed by the alt-right movement that are gamers. Emma Vossen, a PhD candidate in University of Waterloo Games Institute, claims that the gaming community has always been racist and sexist and thanks to the rise of the internet this was starting to be exposed to the rest of the world. Emma studies Gamergate and found out that Gamergate has been a major contributor of the Alt-Right movement. She continues by saying how white supremacists are feeling opressed by other races who are just trying to be equal to them. 


Personally, watching this I started remembering how news outlets hate video games and will always find a way to blame them for anything bad that happens. As someone who considers himself a gamer and someone who uses Discord quite a lot to talk to my friend I find this video to be insulting to not only me and other gamers but also to journalism. NBC is using hasty generalization about the fact that all gamers are part of the alt-right movement. There are more than 45 million of users on Discord and even more so play video games or categorize themselves as gamers. They use a student who is a PhD candidate for their research data instead of using someone who has years of experience in the field. Finally, as usual the mass media doesn't use complete factual information and instead assumes that gamers are part of the alt-right movement. 


Should media be allowed to report on news without having factual information on the subject?

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I commented your post because your topic is interesting. The report is biased. There was a lot of people involved in the alt-right. She excluded to many facts and focus on putting the blame on the gamers. The discord was probably used by a small number of people because it was easy to access an anonymous.
I think that games are made to be able to escape reality and that the anonymity provided by the usernames makes us feel secure when expressing our opinions. This is also the reason why people who wear a "mask" in real life, express there frustrations and their true feelings and opinion online. That is why there is hate speech in games. However, we can't contest the fact that some gamers actively participated in the movement.
In my opinion, the end of the video is hilarious because she found one gamer in the crowd there was and basically said that since he was a gamer so he was a criminal.
Should the media allow biased news reports like this one to air on television or the web?

I completely agree with you on the subject of gamers using games to escape reality, as I do that quite often myself, and I also believe that one of the things the government of any country should strive for is non-biased journalism.