Legalization of Marijuana to Advantage our Society

by Camillebouchard on December 3, 2017 - 9:05pm

The legalization of marijuana has been an important subject of discussion and argument in the past few years. Now that the plan for Canada is to fully legalize this drug all over the country, it seems that it might benefit more than one might think. Terry Reith, the author of this article, highlights all the advantages of turning an underground illegal industry into a legal one.

One of the main advantages of making the marijuana industry legal and government controlled is that it becomes a huge source of revenue for the government itself. The value of the cannabis industry in Canada is estimated to be at a booming 23 billion dollars and counting. All the money generated in profits from the sale of many products derived from cannabis and simply cannabis itself will represent a growth in the countries’ economy as well as creating many jobs since a lot of people would be needed to keep the industry rolling.


Another advantage to legalizing marijuana is that it would make Canada known in the cannabis industry on an international level, especially when it comes to medical marijuana. For instance, Germany, who legalized selling medical marijuana in drug stores, does not produce enough cannabis for the supply they need, and Canada would be a big game changer considering it could send marijuana supplies in Germany.


On the other hand, although it could be beneficial to legalize marijuana, especially on the medical level, some have found issues in the drug being legalized for recreational purposes. While many argue that legalizing marijuana would eliminate the black market, others claim it would only make illegal dealers try to thrive more since they are not going to give up their occupation so easily.  

Although the legalization of marijuana does not have any impact on my personal life, I do believe that legalizing it could be a good idea. Even when putting aside the economical advantages, I do believe that people should be allowed to use recreationally as long as they do not abuse it and harm themselves, and I think medical marijuana should be available to people who do suffer from chronic pains or discomfort that is due to certain diseases or conditions. Furthermore, I think the fact that the platforms selling marijuana would be structured in the same way a liquor store is will keep underage people from accessing the drug and the fact that it would be owned by the government would ensure that we are not putting chemicals into our bodies, which can be found in drugs bought illegally.


Do you support legalization of marijuana or do you think it should stay illegal?


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