Legalization of Marijuana

by PProvencher on November 3, 2017 - 8:36pm

This article outlines the health risks and dangers associated with the use of marijuana. The experts say that chronic smokers under the ages of 25 are the demographic that are most at risk of being impacted negatively by the health hazards posed by marijuana.  Experts stress the importance of keeping the public informed about the dangers of smoking marijuana as the potential legalization is in the immediate future.  Some of the main issues with legalizing marijuana are said to be that pot efficiency with regards to treating chronic pain are lacking. Addiction is one concern, and marijuana being considered a gateway drug was also mentioned. The drugs could have ties to depression and anxiety, but this is still being investigated and nothing is concrete thus far. It was also said that no one knows if you can consume up to a certain amount of cannabis without being exposed to health risks. This means that any recreational use could potentially be harmful. Some evidence suggests that smoking pot at an early stage in your life, while your brain is still developing, could cause long lasting consequences. A lot of these health risks apply to chronic smokers of the drug, but something that needs to be taken into consideration by occasional smokers is driving while being stoned. Cannabis has been linked to affect your reaction time as well as your attention span. Lastly a big health concern surrounding marijuana consumption is the damage it does to your lungs. Inhaling any type of smoke is not good for your lungs and your body. It can lead to many health risks such as tightness of the chest, coughing, wheezing and many more.

The issue here is whether the health risks justify the benefits of marijuana. Some of the benefits being, the money the government stands to make from taxes, the economical advantages as people will spend more encouraging economic growth and the freedom the population gains from being able to use marijuana without it being something illegal. I believe that marijuana, in terms of health risks, is comparable to smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. These two things are legal. This is why I think that marijuana could very easily become legal if regulated in the correct ways and if the health risks are made readily aware to the public in order to educate the masses on how this drug could potentially be harmful to them and to the people around them. I think that the worldview issue here are more of an older generation versus the newer more progressive thinking generation. The older crowd that would want this drug not to be legal have grown up with it being illegal.  They have been told that the drug is bad for them and to stay away from it. The younger crowd is more progressive in the sense that they want the right to smoke; they don’t want to be told what to do. In my opinion, marijuana could be legal if it is not available to the Canadian youth. I think that it should only be available for people 21 and older. I was raised not to do drugs, but I also believe that almost everything in moderation is acceptable. I just want to be clear in the fact that I am not advocating the use of marijuana; I just think that if people really want to smoke, they will find other outlets where to get their drugs. If Canada can make this legal and we can reap the benefits as a society, why not right?


Grant, Kelly. “What Canada's doctors are concerned about with marijuana legalization.” The Globe and Mail, 13 Apr. 2017,


Very interesting article summary! As this is a very controversial topic in Canada right now, your article is really important and was interesting to read.

I completely understand your point of view, that marijuana is an addictive substance, just like cigarettes and alcohol, therefore it is the population’s responsibility to choose to smoke it or not. I understand the very long list of health issues related to the consumption of marijuana and you are right, the side effects to smoking cigarettes and the danger of drinking and driving shows that there isn’t much difference between these substances and the drug. Marijuana has been used by many for multiple decades, thus is it quite an important substance used and we need to acknowledge that. I believe that making it legal will regulate the quality of the drug and who has access to it, although obviously, some people will still find a way to get it at a young age. The crime will for sure be reduced, thereore I agree that marijuana should be legal, just like cigarettes and alcohol are. Safety and security are important values to me, so I believe that regulating marijuana will for sure reduce the amount of drug dealing on streets. Though, I still believe that the drug is extremely dangerous and should not be consumed, just like cigarettes and alcohol, but I still believe that we need to make it safe for those who do smoke it, because whether we want it or not, many do.

The marijuana issue brings up a lot of questions to many. When we think about the substance and its effects, does it make us think about cigarettes and alcohol too? Should we regulate these substances more, as they also have very important side effects and dangers?