Law forces veterinarian to be upfront with the fee

by jesus98 on December 3, 2017 - 8:24pm


Some veterinarians forget to mention the cost of an operation, which in some case could leave a family with a broken heart. For the moment this law has not been past yet and this means that veterinarians are not forced to be direct in their fees.  For example, your dog is suffering from a broken leg, the vet might say that it will cost 1000$ to repair the leg but they forgot to tell you that the cast they are going to put on it cost 300$. these sort of information might be nice to know before but they don’t want to let you know because if you know, you might not want to go along with the operation and just rather put down the dog because the cost are to high. Some people say that the vets prey on the that feeling of attachment between an owner and its dog to make them pay the full price. If this new law is to be passed veterinarians would be force to tell the owner what the cost of the operation before preforming it. On the other hand veterinarians are against the passing of this new law because they are self-governed profession which means that they have no tie to the government. They don’t believe  that the government should get involved because they are allowed to put their own fees since they are private business. If the government pass this law all fees will be know to the owner before any procedure is done. It has happened in the past where people had to either put their animal down or put him for adoption because they were not able to pay the fee. Imagine a family having hope of seeing their dog again but after seeing the bill that is involved with this operation, they have to abandon him or even worst put him down because they are not able to pay. This is a time where people are vulnerable because they have to put down a family member.  As a dog owner myself, I would be in favor of this law being passed because I would like to know my option before putting down my best friend. It is useful to know how much it cost before hand so that we can prepare or maybe just make a choice on the spot. If the cost is being revealed after the operation and someone cannot afford them, what was the point of even doing it. Should veterinarians tells us the cost before or after the operation?


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