Kneeling for Humanity

by alexlabrosse on December 3, 2017 - 7:40pm

The issue involving police brutality and racism in the United States of America. In response the racism and brutality, mainly towards people of color, professional athletes from the National Football league. This issue has been going on for many months now, and to some it is an actual issue, for others, a way of expressing themselves. This article talks about Donald Trump’s view on the subject which is a very bold one. He recently said “The American public is fed up with the disrespect the NFL is paying to our country, our flag, and our National Anthem. Weak and out of control!” He also argues that this chain of events has been decreasing attendance at the NFL games. All the players are attempting to do is silently and harmlessly protest against racism, but the president sees it as total disrespect. Furthermore, the author was set to uncover the truth, was the kneeling affecting the attendance at the NFL games?


Two dozen of the NFL’s 1600 athletes did protest on Thanksgiving day, until Monday. But, as opposed to what trump said, not all of them kneeled during the anthem. Ten seated, four raised their fist, nine took a knee and one remained off the field completely. Now, they looked into the attendance, the check up on Trump’s latest excuse to terminate these actions. The league told NBC that attendance was down only 1 percent from last year… This is such a small number and I would have a hard time seeing that this is what caused the slim decrease. This was also the NFL’s third highest attendance rate in history. In my opinion, I believe Trump hates the fact that people are standing up for what they believe in, and wants to say anything to make people hop onto his band wagon. He can’t accept what is really happening having to do with racism today, and simply sees himself as “Making America great again”. This debate sprouts different opinions and those opinions are solely determined on how you view the world. People who feel strongly for their flag and are blind to the fact that racism is still a problem, do think this is simply a disgrace. On the other hand the ones protesting simply want change. While the president is correct to say the NFL’s ratings have gone down, it would be foolish not to agree that he’s over exaggerating his numbers. You also have to keep in mind there’s no evidence backing his claims. Is kneeling during the anthem that big of a deal today?

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