Judge Suspends Temporarily Bill 62.

by MishelAtaev on December 3, 2017 - 10:46pm

A superior court judge has granted a temporary stay to Bill 62. The suspension will allow muslim woman to continue wearing the Niqab until further regulations and approval of the bill have been placed. Couillard stated that the result was something he expected would happen, however he believes that the law will pass as is since it is for security reasons and not for xenophobic reasons. The bill has caused a lot of controversy has it is a clear target towards muslim woman and will hinder their everyday life as some would protest the new bill by not accessing any public sectors which would lead them to recieveing a lower level of education. 

Canada has been known for laws of reasonable accomadation for other cultures, however the current bill is a clear target at a muslim population and as stated earlier would lead them to not access public sectors as a way to protest the bill. Even if the bill is for "security" reasons, they are ignoring the religious beliefs of others. That would be the equivalent of a jewish or a muslim person removing christmas decoration in a public environment as it is not their own belief. Is Couillard right in placing the bill?

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