It's Time to Modernize Animal Rights

by kimberlyS on December 2, 2017 - 2:41pm

This article discusses about the contreversial issue of not having a specific law in which protects the animals' rights. The author mentions the Bill C-17 in which was placed in 1999 but did not last. There were other bills in which were brought up such as: C-15/15B, C-10, C-22, C-50, C-274, C-277 and C-610. Even though there were many supporters for these bills to pass, including multiple justice ministers and was helped by the investement of a solid amount of Canadian dollars. Sadly, these never made it into legislation. To continue, the author includes the fact that the Canadian Act for animals was written in 1892 and was modified throughout the years but the laws not being reinforced enough, the animals are not well protected and are treated very poorly in this country. To follow, the recent bill that was placed is the C-246, brought by a parliament member; Nathaniel Erskine-Smith. It is considered a first step to the well-being of our animals although, it still does not completely protect them. This bill basically does not affect animal use-industries (fishing, hunting, agriculture), it only charges fees to individuals who abuse or neglect their animals. 

Nadon argues that the Liberal cabinet should take more consideration to the protection of our animals. While also seeing all the efforts that the population is doing to save them from cruelty and abuse by being part of the rescue movement every day and year and pushing for the bill C-246 to stay in place. The author has implied that she had taken a dog in need of serious help home after it being unfortunately, abused for six years. She reported that this animal died in her arms only a few weeks after the adoption, Magus had no protection whatsoever until Nadon took him in charge. 

I find animal cruelty inhuman. These animals are helpless creatures that only want a shelter and a family to give love to. It is very sad to know that there are people out there who are selfish enough to let their pet go hungry or abuse them to the point that they kill it. I plainly believe that not everybody has the capacities to properly take care of an animal. Therefore, if someone cannot afford to or just does not have the patience to have an extra responsibility in their lives, then they should not adopt. I myself have saved a dog that is now mine. He was lost on the side of a country road and nobody stopped to pick him up therefore, my mother and I decided to take him with us. Still to this day, we do not understand why such a nice and loving puppy (at the time) was abandoned and possibly abused (according to the vetenarian). To conclude I agree with Nadon that the government needs to take this issue into more seriousness and to create a law that will stay and protect the animals for good. I personally think that only giving a fee to somebody who was accused of abusing their pet is not a big enough punishment.

Therefore, what punishment(s) should the government imply towards animal abusers?


Nadon, M. Michelle. “It's Time To Modernize Animal Rights In Canada With Bill C-246.” HuffPost Canada, HuffPost, 4 July 2016,





I have never heard of this law before so it was interesting to read about. Animal cruelty should not be accepted, especially in a democratic country like ours. Yes I understand SOMETIMES it is necessary to use animals, but if people take in a pet for example, it is there responsibility to take proper care of them, and they should be punished if they don't. I'm unsure of how to punish these people because it would be difficult to find evidence. However I am still a bit confused of what the law actually does? But a good job in total!

Thanks for replying to my post!
I personally think that animals should not be used in any case even for experiments. They can easily get harmed or even die if not taken care of properly but, that's only my point of view. Although, I do agree that we do need to use farm animals for food, but I am very well against laboratory experiments. Well, to answer your question the law actually protects pets from being abused by their owners (by giving the owner a fee) but it does not ensure the security of the entire species of animals.

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