Is it a Good Idea to Legalize Marijuana in Canada

by Frederic_Demers on December 10, 2017 - 10:01am

In the article Trudeau Vowed to Legalize Marijuana Across Canada by July. It Hasn’t Been that Easy by Alan Freeman, introduces the subject of Canada being the first country to ever industrialize marijuana nation wide. Trudeau when elected, had promised it’s legalization and has said it would be legalized by July 2018. Although most people agreed with his decision and supported it, many people have become skeptic because of warnings made by police chiefs and psychiatrists. These warnings were about the fact that teenager could abuse the fact that it was now legal and about the fact that young adults could abuse consumption while driving.  To start with, the profit that Canada will take out of this product will be very substantial and will create a very good income for Canada. In addition, the substance will be heavily regulated by the government, meaning that quality control standards will be met. Furthermore, penalties for abuse will be very severe and methods of delivery of the substance will be put into the hands of every province. The problems related to this though is that most prices for the substance will be very high, which will lead to the illegal distribution of marijuana. The problem with the illegal distribution of marijuana after being legalized will be that it will then be treated as a federal felony with new offenses concerning the illegal distribution towards people younger than 18 years old, meaning that the maximum penalty to this will introduce 14 years of prison, something that is very exaggerated to most people. If the government cannot outprice the blackmarket sale of marijuana, the only real option that will remain is to protect their industry of the substance will be to tighten drug laws related to the illegal sale of marijuana, and increased funding to police forces for that purpose. This could allow the government to pursue the war against drugs even further than they already have. To conclude, the general idea of legalizing marijuana is accepted and agreed upon through majority of the Canadian civilization, but there are still some people that are uncertain about the process and the new law reinforcements. In addition, if the pricing of the substance is not equivalent or less to the pricing available at the moment when illegally purchased, the blackmarket venders will keep there production running, and with the knew laws that will be settled this will probably create dilemma with the government. So, do you support the Liberal government for wanting to push the legalization of marijuana or are you against it?