International Students at Risk with Trump Presidency

by INeedSleep on December 14, 2017 - 8:21pm

The author of this article starts off by talking about how Xenophobia is on the rise as more and more right-wing nationalist gain favor in elections. This has caused democratic values to come under attack. She goes on to say that since Trump’s election he has tried to set a travel ban for seven Muslim-majority countries (Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen). This ban would block refugees, immigrants and visitors from them to the united states. Luckily both attempts for this ban have been blocked, the second removing Iraq form the ban list, by the courts but the effects have started.  Yet even though these bans have been denied the increase of racial profiling at the borders have had effects on travelers coming in or even out of the country.  The author believes that although all these bans have been shot down, the long-term effects on international students and the tourism economy in the country still remains uncertain and may see a decline in the future. There have been international concerns on the new president’s policies towards immigrants.  the author describes a German news magazine depicting Trump welding a bloody knife after having decapitated the statue of liberty. Which stand for America’s image of being a welcoming place for refugees and immigrants. So, for countries to start to get that impression of the country’s acceptance of immigrants, students who are looking to student abroad are having second thoughts.  The violence and discrimination based on race, religion, ethnicity and their country of origin is on the rise in the United States which greatly concerns students. A large number of these international students come from the seven countries Trump tried to have banned due to islamophobia.  To protect international students, the author proposed a research agenda with policies to evaluate the political dimension of the international student experience. The first being the policy environment, then the socio-political atmosphere, the Continuum of Violence and Discrimination, the Degree of Student Activism and Resistance and The Researcher Positionality Effect. I agree with the author’s feelings towards this issue. It’s not something that will end up being swept under the rug and forgotten.  Even though it has already been denied twice, there’s always the chance that if enough heavily nationalist representatives, who agree with Trump’s views, get elected he could try again. It creates a veil of fear and uncertainty for immigrants and students looking to go to the United States. I think it is important for students and in turn immigrants to feel safe in the country they are entering. Therefore, I agree with the author’s research agenda, because it makes sure the environment they will enter will be safe. I think being an international student is a great adventure for people to take part in and it would be horrible to see it diminished by hate and fear. Which being me to the following question; What would the long-lasting effects of such a ban have on the United Sates tourism and public image be?


Rose-Redwood, CindyAnn, and Reuben Rose-Redwood. "Rethinking the Politics of the International Student Experience in the Age of Trump." Journal of International Students, vol. 7, no. 3, 2017, pp. 9-I,II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX, Research Library,

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