Hate crime in Vancouver train

by emillyorsini on December 8, 2017 - 3:59pm

A 46 year old man was arrested for a hate crime attack on a public Canada train line. The man threatened to kill and cause harm to muslims. A young muslim teen on the train was a victim of this man. She claimed the man got up screaming and swearing at her due to the fact she was wearing a hijab. The muslim teen was targeted by this man because of the hijab which led the man to hit her across her face. In a train full of people, only one person stepped up to help the teen and did not leave until the police and paramedics came. The teen's brother then arrived and stated how is was sad that in a train full of people only one person stood up to help his sister.

I chose this article because i agree with the muslim teen and her brother. It is devastating that in a train filled with people, only one defended the teen as she was being assaulted. No matter the religion, anyone being assaulted deserves help. Being in this type of situation, anyone would expect a some humanity. Due to her religion, people ignored the fact that she was being hurt by this man. Her religion does not define her, she did not deserve to be hit by that man. If you were on that train would you have done something?


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