Gender Wage Gap Disparities

by Anonymous3 on November 21, 2017 - 5:26pm

The article “The gender pay gap” published on The Economist explores the pay disparities between men and women. It is difficult for women to even find jobs because of what they call the “motherhood penalty”. Many employers will not hire a woman if she is planning on having children because than she will need to take time off and possibly afterwards reduce her hours of work to care for her child. Meghan, who always wanted to be a mother, worked hard in school to achieve a good career for her future. She studied economics and accounting and later on started working for an accounting firm in London. After her daughter was born, she had to make a big decision, one that may affect her career. Because her boss refused to give her a flexible work schedule, she quit to become the mother she always dreamt of being. Now she is divorced and cannot seem to find a job in the profession of accounting that is flexible enough for a single parent. Results from data collected by Korn Ferry in 25 countries show that women earn 98% as much as men earn in the same field of work. It is said that fields predominantly where women work in have lower salaries. In example, nurses earn less than police officers and cleaners less than caretakers. This is why if men would start working in fields dominated by women than the gender wage gap would reduce. Moreover, history has changed over the years; a survey done by McKinsey in 2016 shows that, nowadays, women are more likely to ask for a promotion than before. Women ask at the same rate as men. It was also found that women are somewhat being promoted at the same rate as men. Some who are reluctant may be because they do not want to promote women who are starting families or plan on starting one soon. This is believed because data has shown that the age where a woman’s pay seems to have disparities from the salaries of men is when they usually have their first child. Also, there is a belief that having a full time working mother can be harmful to toddlers. In Germany, they call this a “raven-mother”. A German father said that his mother-in-law believes that having a child be put in daycare will lead them to be drug dealers in the future. Because of the expensive rates of child care, many are forced to quit their jobs to care for their children. This is why many women have jobs that they are overqualified for, they need jobs with flexible hours and those jobs most likely provide lower salaries.


I believe that women who are just as qualified as their male co workers should earn an equal pay. It is unfair that women are refused jobs and promotions just because they want to have children and will have to take time off. Also, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with putting your child in daycare other than staying at home with him/her. To add, if a woman wants to keep working even though she has a young child that is perfectly okay; I have heard many comments in the past where a mother of a young child working is frowned upon and it baffles me that people think that a woman should not be working when she has a young child! We have daycare services for the reason of working parents. I also want to say that mothers who decide that they want to stay at home with their baby for whatever reason have the right to. Neither decision of staying at home or putting their child in daycare should be frowned upon. With that being said, why do you think that only mothers and not fathers get the wrath of deciding to stay home with their baby or take advantage of child-care services?


“The gender pay gap”. The Economist. 7 Oct, 2017. Accessed 21 Nov, 2017.


I wanted to leave a comment on this article because it is sad to see that employers refuse to promote or pay equally women that are as qualified as men. Businesses do not profit from the gender pay gap. It hurts them. Furthermore, I believe that women are refusing to have children because they fear to lose their jobs. We need to look at the gap in a different angle; women statistically make a little more when compared with the number of services they provide. Women also have a higher rate of graduating college as well as have a higher percentage of overall college and university degrees presently ( You should watch"Women are winning the war on women" by Ben Shapiro. He gives us some facts and makes excellent observations on the subject. Also, Women who work the same salaried jobs as men and make the same amount of money, actually make a little more if you think about it. Maternity leave inserts a statistical gap that shows that even though men are in the workplace more hours than women, they are getting the same amount of money for a smaller amount of time.

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