Flynn Pleads Guilty!

by mrob10 on December 2, 2017 - 3:59pm

This article outlines the current problems in American politics.Michael Flynn, President Trump’s former national security advisor, has been a strong figure in the investigation between the trump campaign and Russia. He was the first person to plead guilty to lying to the FBI with regards to the Russia investigation, after a “probe” by Robert Mueller. This is meant to be a “plead deal” so that the FBI will have more cooperation from the Trump administration. This is cause for even more controversy while Trump has previously stated that there was no collusion between Flynn and the Russians. With Flynn’s “help” the FBI plans to gather as much information in order to gather evidence from people higher up. Barak Cohen, a former federal prosecutor said, Flynn’s guilty plea is an “infection point”. With Flynn’s participation more “significant figure” with start being targeted or exposed, most importantly President Trump. Dan Richman, the Columbia University law professor stated that no notable prosecutor would accept information from a “co-operator” who hasn't already been cross examined. Therefore Flynn was supposedly already sharing information with Mueller’s FBI teams. Now people who have been previously or currently associated with Flynn, are looking worse and worse in the eyes of the FBI. However Flynn’s cooperation is not meant to implicate others, rather supply information that may be strong evidence. “What Flynn can tell prosecutors includes details about campaign, transition and administration meetings; information about the nature of his talks with Russians” etc. Mueller may now begin to target high members of white house administration and even members of the Trump family. Allegedly Jarod Kushner, Trump’s son in-law was the person who encouraged Flynn to make contact with the Russian ambassador. Kushner has reportedly been interviewed by the FBI to see if he would confirm and unknown or unproven facts. George Papadopoulos, a former campaign policy adviser of the White House, has also pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Trump brushed off these people and denied their importance. A president can not be prosecuted however if there is signifanct proof of collusion of obstruction of justice, it could lead to impeachment. 

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I believe that the whole political situation in the United States is a disaster. If a president or person working for the president has been proven to have committed a crime, they should not be allowed in office. There should be enough background checking before the campaign even begins to reduce the risk of anything like this happening at all. You should be able to trust your leader, not despise him/her.  How would you feel if you lived in America today?


Kwong, Matt. "Flynn flipping is a major break for Mueller — and bad news for the next big target". CBC News. 2017.

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