Do innocent pit bull need to die

by jesus98 on December 3, 2017 - 8:29pm


The debate on pit bulls have been an ongoing event for the last 2 years because people still fear these animals. After a woman was brutally attacked and killed  by a pit bull the city decided passed the pit bull ban. Former mayor Dennis Coderre express his emotion on this law by saying that he works for the Montrealers and he is there to them feel safe where they live, opposing side said that enforcing this law would not solve the problem but create a bigger problem. After the tragic death of Christiane Vadnais who was killed in her own backyard by a pit bull the city had to accelerate the process of implicating this law, all pit bulls had to be put down. The opposing side to this law were animal experts, veterinarians and families who owns a pit bull, claiming that not all pit bulls are bad and do not deserve to die. Animals expert claim that it is the way someone raises and teaches they pit bull that determine how this dog will interact with others. If a dog is beaten or abused that can leave it with some trauma which cause them to lose it sometimes, one event can trigger it and the survival instinct of the animal kicks in. A pit bull is a part of a family, after a while we makes bonds with our animal, it is not an object, we cannot just take one family member away. Some say that this law would kill innocent dogs without any improvement to society, Montreal SPCA say that they are not surprise by this verdict but disappointed, it states that if Montreal truly wanted to ensure the safety of its people it would not have passed a legislation that is unfair, unenforceable and ineffective. Some of the cities in the region of Montreal decided to let the pit bulls live but they have a few condition. In order to have a pit bull you must be 18 and older, have a special training to take care of them and their dog most be sterilized, vaccinated and have a microchip implanted. As a dog owner myself I could not stand the idea of my dog being killed just for being the wrong breed, this first law in unfair for people with pit bulls because not all their dogs are vicious are dangers as everyone says they are. In my opinion Montreal should change the law to allow people to keep their furry friend and family member, putting a microchip could be an alternative. Do you agree that pit bull deserve to die just because they are pit bulls? 


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