The difference between accommodation and reconciliation

by INeedSleep on December 14, 2017 - 8:27pm

This article talks about the differences between reconciliation and accommodation in Quebec. The author starts out by talking about how people can be easily swayed to believe something when it comes from a form of authority such as a Politian or a known media source in the form of a journal or a show. He then goes on to talk about how the Bouchard-Taylor report of reasonable accommodations seems to have failed in finding out the reason for why we have this malaise and tension in the air. He goes on to say that most people do not know the difference between reconciliation and accommodation and that if one wants to move towards reconciliation it becomes an extremely delicate affair since it is an exchange. Rather then demands that come with accommodations. The author then explains in detail the difference between the two being that accommodation is more of a compromise between the two sides and each give their demands, once a consensus is met then the accommodation is set. In comparison reconciliation is more of a win-win affair, the outcome does not involve a compromise since it is a matter of reaching an understanding between both parties involved. The author then states that the Bouchard-Taylor commission gave examples of how they think the public should be dealing with the issues in question but there is no communication happening between the two parties involved. He then goes on to question just how far we have the right o question other for their beliefs and practices simply because they do not seem familiar to us.  All and all the author believes that the accommodation crisis is quite real in Quebec not because the province is considered to be less tolerant of other people but simply because it seems to rely on accommodation instead of reconciliation, so, there is always something else to accommodate and compromise over, which sometimes worsens the tension there already was. The author then says that until we can all recognize that we can be comfortable and at homme with our differences we will not really be able to dissipate that tension. An accommodation is more of a temporary thing, if we want to feel at home we should strive towards reconciliation in the near future. After reading this text it got me thinking about what I have seen in class about the Bouchard-Taylor commission and other cases of reasonable accommodation. When you really look at it looks like a cycle that repeats itself over and over again. There is always something that becomes too much, always someone who goes too far, and one side will freak out over it causing tension that then has to be negotiated away. Which is why I agree with the author of this article. I think that if we would strive towards reconciliation instead of accommodation we would gain a better understanding of the group in question and they would understand our point of view. So, is there not more effort towards reconciliation in our society?


Blattberg, Charles. "There's a Difference between Accommodation and Reconciliation; there's More to Reasonable Accommodation Debate than Irresponsible Media." The Gazette, Jun 02, 2008, Canadian Major Dailies,