The Creation of a 23$ billion Industry

by emillyorsini on December 7, 2017 - 3:00pm


The article begins by expressing the way Canada has been working hard to legalize recreational marijuana.  Its stated that the marijuana industry is worth up to 23 billion dollars.  It's not just the plants itself that gain this money but, also the growth, transportation, sales edibles, taxes and, more. Canada could begin new opportunities for Canadians by not only creating billions in sales but also thousands of jobs. Canada is also planning to eliminate the black market by motivating anyone in the black market to work legally for Canada. Its stated that people in the black market of cannabis have been involved for years, to involve them legally can not only benefit the system but themselves for that matter. Mc Leish states in the article that “it makes more sense to absorb people from the existing underground cannabis culture into the legalized system.” With that we know that not only will they make their profits legally but with their experience the government can also gain profits by hiring people who have the knowledge already instead of paying to train new individuals.


In Alberta, a company named Aurora Cannabis has already become involved in the cannabis industry. Aurora began their company with people from business backgrounds to handle the business portions of the company. They have also hired people from the cannabis underground because of their knowledge and passion towards cannabis.


Canada is now a leader in becoming the first industrialized nation to fully legalize industrial cannabis giving them more advantage in the industry.  Canada will try to satisfy all cannabis needs by selling the cannabis itself, cannabis infused edibles like candies and chocolates and, also in pills so everyone's preferences are considered. But, as of July 1st 2018, cannabis will be legalized but edibles still won't be allowed or produced until they discovered a proper way to regulate the quantity of marijuana in the edibles.


I believe that the cannabis industry can really make a difference in not only our economy today but also in the environment. I agree with the legalization because i believe that cannabis is something that can really build our economy if dealt with properly. It can not only be benefited by  

medical products but can also be used for everyday resources. Cannabis can not only be used for medicine but also for clothes, paper, oil, gasoline and more without any toxic waste that hurts our environment. It is a clean and environmentally friendly product. I also believe it’s helpful for people who are already using cannabis daily. If cannabis would be legal, people would have a chance to finally use a purer product. The black market industries are not always ideal because of the lack of knowledge of where is comes from exactly. When it is legalized we will have a clearer and cleaner idea of what is being consumed. Why should we ignore the facts on the realities of this plant that can drastically change our ways?


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