Controversial Canada Day!

by mrob10 on December 2, 2017 - 4:33pm

This past year has been the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. However this specific Canada Day has drawn some controversy amongst some. This celebration has meant to be a celebration of all Canada has been through. Two invasion by the Americans, Quebec separatism on the rise and while the world seems to be imploding, Canada has been the centre of acceptance, and multiculturalism. Trudeau even walked in a parade wearing socks that said “Eid Mubarak” to mark the Muslim festival at the end of Ramadan. Among Americans, Trudeau is more known and respited than Trump. However this celebration is controversial for the roughly 1.4 million first nations,Inuit and Metis living in Canada. For these people there is nothing to celebrate, while their beliefs and that facts are that they have been on this land for longer than 150 years. With the history of residential schools and the attempt to erase the indigenous culture, celebrating Canada’s birthday means nothing. Stephen Harper, the former Prime minister only issued an apology for the residential schools in 2008, while the current liberal government vows to repair what wrongs of the past. Murray Sinclair, an Ojibway and the former head of a national commission “until the government comes up with a clear plan on how to achieve true reconciliation its statements risk becoming platitudes”. However, Trudeau says it will take a long time and perhaps many generations in order to fix past wrongs.

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I believe that Canada 150 is worth celebrating, but I can understand the point of view of the indigenous people. How can they celebrate a nation, who has only done wrong to their people? On the other hand, they are Canadians, and should in some way, even small, be proud. Even if the indigenous do not wish to celebrate Canada 150, they should be able to celebrate their own nations birthday, or have events to celebrate the indigenous way of living. With Trudeau as Prime minister, there has been more done to achieve reconciliation, than any other Prime minister, so I think that is very inspiring.  



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"Why is Canada’s 150th birthday controversial?". The Economist.


I agree with you, how could you celebrate a country that destroyed and killed your ancestors? Trudeau has been doing so much by trying to correct the wrongs that the ex-prime misters left behind. Trudeau and his party have plans to fix the relationship between them and the first nation, and some of their solutions are, increase investments in First Nations education, which has been systemically underfunded, Trudeau pledged to end boil-water advisories on First Nations reserves, providing access to potable water within the next four years. If this could fix the relations between the government and the indigenous would be great because this tension has been going on for centuries.

If you believe that the liberals should do something else, please leave a message.

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