Catalonia Independence

by alexRN on December 5, 2017 - 11:57pm

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In this article, it is said that the Spanish government withdrew the arrest warrant for Carles Puigdemont, who was being held in custody in Belgium for about a month now, after declaring Catalonia’s independence from Spain not long ago.According to Spanish law, it is unconstitutional for a province to declare independence without the Spanish government’s agreement, but they have officially withdrew the arrest of Catalonia’s ex-leader, although he still faces accusations of sedition and rebellion, which might cost him 30 years in prison. Although, those charges aren't by the European Union’s list of 32 offences that may provide Spain with the right to extradite Puigdemont although Belgium has still 30 days to decide what they want to do with him. I believe that it is completely unfair for the spa nigh government to outright ban a Catalonian referendum, it is one of the most obvious case of freedom of speech violation in recent memory taking place in a developed country such as Spain and it pains me to see that someone who only wants the best for his people is facing 30 years in prison because a clear affront to democracy still figures in the laws of Spain. Also the fact that such an obvious lack of democracy is tolerated by the EU baffles me and I can only hope that in the coming months some more sensible solution will be reached and that both the EU and the Spanish government will come to their senses and settle this issue in a way that does not need to violate basic human rights.


I agree with your point of view about the referendum. I think that they should be allow to cast the vote for Independence in a democratic way. If the people feel like they are alienated by the rest of the countries culture they should have the right to this vote. for my knowledge they have their own language, culture and traditions. So it would be only fair to let them go through with the vote without the treat of being terrorized by the government and arrested. Which leads me to question why Spain is so against their independence?

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