Is canada ready for the legalization of marijuana

by jesus98 on December 3, 2017 - 8:28pm



Almost 2/3 of the population are in favor of legalizing marijuana, half of the population in every province aren’t sure if the government is ready for the new challenges that awaits. Some provinces have started to explain their plans to the people regarding the legalization, giving out details on how the government will control things, the new jobs that could be offer and how they plan on dispensing the drug. Most of the people are afraid that the police won’t be ready for the upcoming legalization, they need new training to identify who is driving under the influence. There is also the question at what age should people start being allowed to use this drug. People are asking the government to give more time to its people so that they can be better prepared, we don’t want people dying because officials aren’t ready to deal with this.  Some provinces have asked that the government gives them more time to be sure that they are ready for this, if Justin Trudeau decides to legalize marijuana on July 1st  like the he has been saying for the last year and the officials (police) aren’t ready is it still a good idea to do this. If there is a new law saying that we can’t drive under the influence and that the police don’t have the material ready to identify someone under the influence, what good is that law. Polls show that the province that feel the most ready for this new legalization are the ones that have already made a plan on how they would handle the distribution. Saskatchewan is the province that is the least ready according to the polls because they have not given out any plans to its people. Polls also show that Canadians rather have dispensary instead of buying from a government distribution or private company. I agree that if the government isn’t ready to face this challenge that maybe we should wait. It not useful to rush into something and it ends up not working, better put the time and effort to get it right the first time than starting over and over. Do you believe that Canada is ready for the legalization of marijuana in July next year?


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