Asylum seekers: Border to border

by europe.newsactivist on November 28, 2017 - 8:22pm





Asylum seekers: Border to border



Since the Liberals have taken power, Justin Trudeau has put efforts to accept more asylum seekers inside the country than ever before. An article from AlJazeera explains the current situation in the States and Canada regarding asylum seekers. It is explained that as a result of the Trump administration decision to end visa protection, Canada is preparing themeselves for new waves of asylum seekers, this time, from the United States (Kestler-D’amours, 2017). According to Kestler-D’amours, an AlJazeera journalist, thousands (majority from Haiti) have already left the States, coming to Canada’s borders, seeking a new home (Kestler-D’amours, 2017). Additionally, the journalist mentions that the Trump administration recently announced a temporary Protection Status for Haitian nationals, giving them 18 months to leave the country or get their status completed to stay in the US, something that could result in many Haitians trying to cross over to Canada instead (Kestler D’amours, 2017). Many families aimed to head to the Canada - US border, whatever the cost, some were headed even by foot. To make matters worse, the journalist mentions the following: “as of October, 437,000 foreign nationals from 10 countries held TPS immigration status” (Kestler D’amours, 2017). Nearly half a million of people are affected, many people are from Haiti, who had previously left their country after the major 2010 earthquake that devastated the country, however, Haiti has now made significant improvements, because of this, the US government say that they can return safely home since there is no longer a reason to not go back, The article mentions that more than 15,000 people have already crossed the border to Canada, although there remains no guarantee that they will even be able to stay in the country in the end (Kestler-D’amours, 2017).  Journalist Jillian Kestler-D’amours took a look at both side of the border and emphasized that Canada is encouraging diversity and the US, under Trump’s leadership is more closed on that front. 


In my opinion, this asylum seeker issue that greatly affects Haitian lives in the US shows just how easy things can change from one president to the next, these are unpredictable events and Trump’s actions hurt the image of the United States as a diverse country. Since he has taken office, more and more changes and comments have been made that hurt the image of that country as a democracy that encourages freedom and diversity. In a way, I believe that this has benefited Canada since their own image as a democratic country that encourages diversity and freedom is becoming stronger and Canada is making more headlines by accepting immigrants. As a multicultural country, immigrants and asylum seekers view Canada as a great country to immigrate, and with Justin Trudeau in power, immigrants are further encourages to leave the States. In conclusion, Canada is strengthening their multiculturalist image where the US is currently weakening that image. 




I chose to comment on your post as your subject is very thought provoking and also allowed me to consider both sides of the issue.

Although I am an immigrant myself, I do understand where President Trump is coming from and why he is treating the Haitians and other immigrants the way he does. In my opinion, it should not be an issue for Haitians to have their status completed in order to stay in the U.S. and if it getting their status completed causes an issue for Haitians then I find that worrisome. When someone wants to move to a different country they cannot just expect to stay in the country and not follow the laws that have been implemented to help them stay in the country. Even though I disagree with President Trump on many issues, I do agree with him on this particular law as he is not kicking anyone out of the country who has done what they were supposed to do in order to stay in the country. In this situation, I believe that Canada is being a bit to accepting to those who are fleeing the States because essentially they did not want to get their status completed.Then what will happen when those who have moved to Canada in order to flee the states will also have to get their status in order to stay in Canada? will they then move to a different country or will they stay in Canada and get their status?

Do you think it's important for immigrants who wish to stay in a country to have their status completed?