Are There Enough Investments in Culture?

by corinnearchambault on November 12, 2017 - 9:03am

Years after years, technological advances do not fail to surprise us and change our daily lives, but the imminent failure of culture to keep up with evolving information systems is a recurrent issue. This is why the Government of Quebec announced their implication and investment. This money will be distributed in different sectors of culture. For starters, the information press will receive $36 million over a five-year period to render their numerical technologies more actual and collect pertinent data more effectively. Then, tax credits for the cinematographic productions are increased in order to attain a goal of over $20 million for the next five years. Furthermore, the government engaged himself into a continued investment of 60% of the Fond Capital Culture Quebec until 2021. They also assured $2 million, each year for five years, would go to Télé-Québec in order to have more original Quebec’s TV shows. They participated into a project of SODEC to help the finances of companies working to create soundtracks in videogames, movies and TV shows. Finally, the government will help their museums and musical sectors to help them adapt to the constantly evolving numeric realities. 


I believe this topic is important because it is a known fact that Quebec’s culture, who struggles to adapt to the technological advances, often lack the monetary supply to do so and compete with other countries. For example, the United States have adapted really fast and created platforms, such as Netflix, to share their content with their users. This has allowed people all over the world to easily consume American culture. Quebec needs help from its government to keep up with its competition; this is why the province decided to support its culture sector. This is a controversial issue because many people believe that money should principally be invested in education and health rather than culture. These people may not understand the importance of culture in a nation’s identity. I believe it is really important. If we analyze in which subdivisions of culture the government decided to invest, we could probably notice they did well thought choices as they touched almost all of them. My family and schools educated me to the importance of our province’s culture because of its history and unicity in a mostly English speaking country. Investing in Quebec’s culture means supporting values of social support and equality because different social group would be having equal chances at succeeding in promoting their culture. I believe that because of this conscience I got, I understand the importance of investing in our culture and the social and economical impact it has on a group and its country. If the government invests in culture, it may also create employment possibilities for people who struggle to find a job. This would be another positive repercussion of such investments. What other sector do you think the government should invest in and why?



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