Anti–fascism & anti–racism rallies in Florida

by europe.newsactivist on November 18, 2017 - 11:00pm

Around the World, multiple events occur daily, many of which either positively affects democracy and diversity or affects them negatively, in Florida, such an event recently took place. About one month ago, anti-fascist activists started marching and rallying against Richard Spencer on the University of Florida, an estimated number of 1,000 people joined in the march (Strickland, 2017). Richard Spencer, is described as the following: “Spencer is a leading member of the alt-right, a loosely-knit coalition that includes neo-Nazis, white supremacists and white nationalists who advocate the creation of a white ethno-state” (Strickland, 2017). AlJazeera author, Patrick Strickland stays neutral while showing facts for both sides: Richard Spencer and all the ones rallying against him. Spencer was initially rejected for a speech by the university, however, after he took legal action, he was accepted and a reschedule was made. Additionally, he had previously applied for speech events in Texas A&M and Ohio State University, where, they had him rejected (Strickland, 2017). Because Spencer promotes the exact of opposite of diversity, freedom of speech for everyone, he is clearly seen as a threat that promotes racism and it is no surprise that several universities rejected his speech event request and that many went on rallies. His actions indicated that as well, his group had control over ticket distribution and as result, some racial minorities were refused entrance to the event (Strickland, 2017).

Fascism groups like Neo-Nazis encourages racism, authoritarianism and white supremacists groups does not encourage diversity and equality, these are values which are very important to many, and that is why, when they are not adequately respected, people rally to those against it. People were rallying for the values of this democracy, they marched for the rights of others and to put a stop to hate. People in the states already went through a roller coaster with their new elected president, Donald Trump, having additional extreme public speakers like him, is most likely, what Americans desire the least right now, and yet, Americans get another extreme public speaker, Richard Spencer. 

In my opinion, groups like Neo-Nazi and white supremacists ones can have a very strong, negative influence in our democracy, because in the end, they promote an image that has the potential to re-emerge strong levels of racism and discrimination and, therefore, groups as those can be a threat to our modern society. 

How far can public speeches go in affecting people’s ideologies? If speeches that appear or are racist have the power to create rallies, then could speeches promoting equality and diversity have the power to change people’s views and encourage others to take action for something good? 

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