Another Weed Article

by alexRN on December 5, 2017 - 10:50pm

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In this article it is said that Canada is one step closer to legalizing marijuana after the House of Commons approved new legislation on the drug. This is good news for Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party, who promised to make the drug legal by July 2018, back in his 2015 campaign. To be clear, marijuana has been medically legal for years now, but it might become legal for individuals to grow small amounts. Lately politicians approved bill C-45 that will remove certain restrictions on the size of homegrown marijuana plants and will make cannabis edibles and concentrate legal within a year. Personally I don’t care that much about the legalization of cannabis, because it doesn't affect my life that much even now, but I understand, and will side with the people in favour of its legislation, because I understand that people need marijuana for medical reasons and that even for recreation its not the hardest drug out there. I believe that recreational marijuana should absolutely be legal, as long as its regulated. I think that a government-supervised cannabis market could actually benefit the population, because the biggest threat to cannabis consumers is the stock they buy on the streets that always may or may not be laced with something that will (or will not) be detrimental to their health. A well regulated market can, in my opinion, only be good for the economy, as it will create jobs and supervise the flow of stock going on in the streets and will in terms help stop illegal trafficking, which in term will help deteriorate criminality and help clean our streets. 


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