America's Sexual Culture

by mrob10 on November 3, 2017 - 11:34am

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This article discusses the “sexual culture” of America today. Just recently, after the Harvey Weinstein scandal, more and more women have come out and told their stories. Especially those who accused Donald Trump. Trump was given preparations by Rodger Ailes, who had been recently let go from Fox News for sexual harassment accusations. Fox News, however has a history of “sexual predators”, with Bill O’Reilly settling a sexual harassment allegation with $32 million, with a total of $45 million.


America is said to have the problem, with almost every industry recording some sort of sexual assault incident. BuzzFeed’s senior employee are now being investigated, along with the firing of Vox Media’s editorial director. In Hollywood especially, there are loads of cases. 38 women accuse director James Toback alone. There have also been suggestions that actors such as Louis C.K and Ben Affleck have committed such acts, but has not been proven. These recent events have spurred rallies and movement all over the world, more recently the hashtag #MeToo took over social media. This allowed for women to share their stories of abuse, harassment etc, online to show that sexual harassment is everywhere. There is a thought that with something as common as sexual harassment in America, it is not by accident, and perhaps this outcome is intended. There is a need to rethink the “sexual culture”. A sexual culture already in favor of men, and against women.


There have been measures implemented (laws) in order to stop these acts from happening. One of these being the “yes means yes” idea of sexual relations. If we compare this to something taken more seriously by society, like property rights, things become more clear. This idea suggests that you may only take something if it legally belongs to you, or by asking permission by the owner to have it. Of course things are taken/borrowed without legal consent however this is only the case if the person is 100% sure that there will be consent by the owner, i.e if you know them, friends etc. The problem with the “yes means yes” idea is that no one wants to have the responsibility to make sure consent is there.


The “sexual culture” today allows, if not encourages men to act aggressively, to make moves without proper consent. In an interview a man told the women he assaulted, “I just didn’t realize how to go about something, what even asking consent was […] I thought someone just went along with it, and it just happened”. 


It’s easy to see that men who think and act like this in our culture can easily become predators, especially men in power or fame who are “above” society. “When you’re a star, they let you do it,” Trump said.


As more and more people come out with their stories, more and more laws and regulations are being put in place, this culture is changing. Aggressors and predators will now face harsher punishments.


I believe that the amount of sexual harassment today, especially in the States, is completely unaccpetable. No matter what status you are, if you're famous, rich etc. no one should get away with such an evil act. It is scary sometimes to think that a head of a company, or the leader of a country can get away with this, simply because he or she is rich or in power.


Klein, Ezra."When a culture produces this much sexual assault, it’s not an accident"., VoxMedia. 2017.

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I chose to respond to your post because this topic is very important and one that will help women who have been in situations like these that they have a voice and people are there to listen and help. The #MeToo movement on social media i found to be very inspiring because it is a breakthrough for women to come out and share their stories. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for women to be sexually harassed especially in the entertainment industry. There are many people out there being taken advantage of by others who feel like they have some sort of superiority over them. The comment that President Donald Trump made is extremely offensive; it encourages the degradation of women. It also sickens me that there have been instances where people have said how it is the women's fault if she has been sexually assaulted. Some say it is in the way they dress or the way they act. Just because a women may be in touch with her sexuality more than others does not mean whatsoever that "she was asking for it"!! I believe situations such as these ones should not be taken lightly and also that women should not feel ashamed to speak out about their stories.

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