School Shootings/Rape

by Anthony190best on April 14, 2016 - 9:23am

Many people now are getting the knowledge and lessons on raping and the shooting in schools which would show that how bad it is and what can happen if you did do it in the future, which people would get scared of the result and not do it or even think of it anymore. It should be the same in adults that there is a program that shows them what could happen if they did the worst thing like a shooting at a school and killing a certain number of people or raping someone. Whihc the results are going to jail or facing serious consequences. Even students should know about this because its mostly teens who get raped, so a program can show you how to prevent it and how to defend from it so it doesnt happen to you. Many people do follow what the guy was trying to defend as they need a program for the men and i am totally in agreement with you and hope this does happen to most of them so it can help them mentally and hopefully change their way of thinking and acting.


You made some great observations on this problem, and you well explained the reason for why people should realize that school shootings and rape are unacceptable. I totally agree with you that adolescents should be aware of that. In addition, to analyse further this problem in order to get better solutions, we need to consider the gender issues that hide behind it.
The hegemonic masculinity asks men to dominate the world and the others, and people who do not perform their virility, the strength and prowess, will be considered to be weak men; thus, they are allowed to be dominated by other strong men. There is not mistake with these qualities, like athletic and powerful, but the problem is that the patriarchal world view asks men to behave only the way they want. Men can never show their weakness, so people among them who get bullied by the others cannot seek help. Therefore, some of them will have no choice to do some extreme things such as committing suicide and school shootings. It is really sad because it is something that people can prevent by well educating the adolescents that they can do and behave the way they want. In addition, the compulsive heterosexuality gives men even more restrictions. It says that men should be sexual active with multiple women. Since most men are told to be violent, some of them end up by raping some women.
We all need to concern about the gender issues since they are not only negatively influencing a group of people but all of us. Finally, here is the link to an article that discusses the relationship between masculinity and rape culture that I think might be interesting for you to read: