The NHL and Rape Culture

by Anthony190best on April 14, 2016 - 9:06am

I totally agree with what your saying about the idea of them not educating them enough because they do in the preseason keep on doing the drug tests and check everything about it and not anything about rape (or maybe a little). One way to fix it would be what you suggested by them getting women to go in and do a speech for why it is bad and what are the consequences for it and you could go to jail. Just like the case with Adrian Peterson the running back for the vikings, he raped his wife and they did suspend it for a couple of matches, why cant they do that in the NHL as well. This is a really serious issue and no one should be doing it to anyone else. We are all equal in this society and NHL players should get fined or even jailed if they do that because its totally wrong what there doing. Even if they have money, doesnt mean you can go and rape your wife or anyone.