Endless clash: Republican versus Democrat

by KW on April 14, 2016 - 10:32pm

The United States of America is a big country. With 322 million inhabitants, it is the third most inhabited country in the world. It is as well known for its diversity and immense culture. However, its population had been divided between two major political parties for more than 150 years now; the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Even today, we can notice a major difference in the both parties’ method of approaching problems. In other words, they have different worldviews. I will be writing about the different social worldviews between the parties.

The Democratic Party was found in 1828. It is the world oldest party that is still active. However some disagreement led to the separation of the party. A group was in favor of the abolition of the slavery and another group was against the idea. Therefore, in 1854, the Republican Party was found composed of all the people in favor of the abolition of the slavery. Ever since then, they are the biggest political parties and biggest rivals.

Of course after two centuries, the issues debated have constantly changed. Nevertheless, the two parties still have two different points of view and this is especially true for the social context. The Republicans are generally stricter on traditional culture and lifestyle. For example, most part of Republicans are against gay marriage, against abortion and they promote the right of gun ownership. It shows how Republicans don’t like change and have a mind based on traditional values. This is also true for health care. In the United States, there’s more than 50 million people that without any insurance and 25 million with poor insurance. There’re more than 100 000 deaths estimated per year causes by the way the US’s health system works but the Republican Party doesn’t plan to change that and they are clearly opposed to a reform. On the other hand, the Democratic Party is working on it as we saw in the last years with the president Obama. Another reality is that the Democrats believes that helping its population with Medicaid, social programs and other services is actually for the best. The Republicans disapprove that idea and think that the government shouldn’t interfere. Once again we can see that desire of leaving things like they are with the Republican Party, ``if it happens it because it should be like this’’, but with the Democratic Party there’s a desire to change things for the best of everyone.   Which party has the best approach? Well it is not obvious. When we look at it briefly it might seems like the Democrats are mostly right, but in fact it gets really complex. For instance, when speaking about ISIS what is better deny immigration or restrict displacement which would result in racism and propagate hatred (Republican POV), or don’t take any major measure and put the population at big risk (Democrat POV).

In conclusion, the population of the United States of America are mostly divided between the Republican Party and The Democratic Party. While the Republican Party have a worldview that turns around traditional values and the preservation of that culture, the Democratic Party opts for change and a better future.




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