Are "Gamers" Over?

by Anthony190best on April 14, 2016 - 9:15am

As an official gamer myself, i would say that no we are not getting isolated of some sort we just like to be in front of our console and play when we want too unless your the actual nerd who plays 24/7 and doesnt stop. For the topic about the girls in games, i totally agree with that like you can also say that the girls are portrayed as trophies as well like in GTA you can go to the strip and see the girls and throw money and they are portrayed as toys or boy-toys which isnt good for our society and guys will think thats the right thing to do. The new generations to come are going to be hooked on games and the internet in general and the society will completely change when that happens and it wont be a good one. Many people wont be talking and mostly isolating yourself like you mentioned. Overall, really good topic and there is alot to talk about this but i can't touch on all of it.