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by alriya24_1 on October 20, 2014 - 6:42pm

As students studying Oil, Gas and Energy Management, we were tasked to watch “An Inconvenient Truth”, a film about global warming and climate change in general. Here are our views after watching the film:

Generally, our group was a little divided on this issue. The images and data shown to us was quite alarming and one cannot watch that without it impacting on one’s views on the topic.

The group agrees that the documentary raised some valid points on the impact of global warming but some members were a bit sceptical that the documentary was politically motivated. Some members of the group were a little distrustful of the facts and figures shown in this film and some of our concerns were confirmed after reading reviews of the film and finding out that some members of the scientific community felt that there were some exaggerated facts.

Before watching the film, some people were of the opinion that there would not be anything to be gained as we all felt were well informed regarding global warming, however, there were a few surprising facts. We were surprised to learn that global warming is not just warming up the atmosphere, but also the cooling down of the soil. Most members of the group knew about the effects of climate change on animals, but the data and images shown revealed that these effects are more devastating than we had previously thought and that it all was happening at a much faster rate than we thought.

Also, the fact that in 2004, people were still sceptical about global warming is surprising. However, it seems that public opinion has changed drastically and this can be seen in the rise of environmental laws and environmental activist groups. The group agreed that in the 10 years since the release of this film, the media has definitely changed its coverage of this topic. Every week, if not every day, there is a newspaper article on global warming and climate change in general. Because of this, the public also seem to be more knowledgeable when it comes to this.

Global warming and climate change in general, are very relevant to the oil and gas sector as we work directly with the earth. Al Gore spoke about the ever-increasing population and the effect it has on this issue. These two issues are interlinked because as the population continues to grow, so does the energy demand. Supplying increased amounts of energy means more drilling for oil, more mining for coal and all these also contribute to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (burning coal, methane gas).

Knowing this information would encourage us, as students of energy management, to use and promote greener energy and to find more efficient ways to use renewable energy.



I took a course on ecocinema and this was a film that we were instructed to view and analyze. I can agree that some of the facts may have been slightly exaggerated, but the overall concept the movie was trying to convey was that Global Warming is a very tangible problem in the world. The film did a very good job at conveying facts that many people before this film was released had been blind to. I agree with you 100% about how the public’s view is changing overall and individuals are becoming more aware of the problem Global Warming poses on the world. Some other films that are great to watch if you have some spare time are: “Chasing Ice” directed by Jeff Orlowski and “The Island President” directed by Jon Shenk. Hope you view and enjoy them!

Am glad that you agree with me on the points which were mentioned. I'll watch the movies and give you my opinion about them


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My name is Ma'athir Salman AL-Riyami, am 19 years Old. I am from Sultanate of Oman, and am currently studying Oil, Gas and Energy Management at Coventry University. I Chose this Course because Oil and Gas is considered to be one of the highest income source of profit in Oman.