Fracking Discussion (Group 3)

by vovkaa on November 23, 2014 - 6:51pm

Having discussed public opinion on fracking, our groups came to a conclusion that people's perception of fracking is mostly negative in both countries. Though potentially dangerous to environment and communities, fracking is an effective and relatively cheap method of extracting previously unattainable fossils. Because there seem to be as many benefits to fracking as there are drawbacks, it became quite a controversial issue in both the US and the UK.

In the UK, studies show that fracking is largely perceived as a reason for water contamination and earthquakes and is not associated with 'clean' energy. However, it is viewed as a cheap and effective source of energy, and people tend to support shale gas extraction because of it. The UK government sees fracking as a path to a self-sustainable future with lower carbon emissions, but it is struggling to make fracking more accepted in local communities.
In the US controversy surrounding fracking is complicated by the fact that in every state people have different opinions on it, but American people en masse are quite concerned about the impacts fracking has on the environment. The US government, however, is embracing the new-found energy resources that will allow it to reach the desired self-sustainability. 
To conclude, fracking seems to be a necessary evil in a world so hungry for energy; but if we decided to cut down on the sources we are already using, it would be easier to avoid using such harmful and extreme production methods as fracking.


Well done. A nice summary. Do the American's share the same specific concerns over water 7 earthquakes? What evidence is there to support the assertion that fracking is both cheap and effective? Well done for picking up the point about the need to use less energy.

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