Would being a "Monaco" or an "Edinburgh" be good for Coventry?

by Coventry Student on March 3, 2015 - 6:37pm

In this story, published on BBC News in May, 2014, e learn about the potential for Coventry to develop into a city like Monaco.

However, is this a good direction for our city? Perhaps a user in Monaco can speak to the strengths and weaknesses of living in the city.

Before I learn more about the benefits and detriments of developing a personality like Monaco, I'd like to slow down on development.

However, this more recent article, from March 3, 2015, shows that things are moving quickly in that direction, and the article reports that they would like Coventry to host an event that would serve as the "Edinburgh Festival" of vehicles."

Does Coventry not have its own history and personality to reflect on, while continuing to evolve? How could we communicate who we are, if we are developing festivals in the image of others?


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