The zoo of death

by pascaleworld on March 20, 2017 - 8:41am

Zoos have been and are still one of the most entertaining places to bring your children to. Most of us probably went to one at least once during their childhood. I’ve been to one and I wish I understood the truth about them. Zoos might be entertaining to us, but it is only a prison for animals. It will never compare to their real and natural habitat that we took them from.


In the article “South Lakes Safari Zoo: Report shows hundreds of animal deaths”, published the 28th of February on BBC News, it shows us how zoos can be horrible places for animals to be. The Cumbria zoo has been open since 1994 and its owner has been trying to obtain a new license. In 2013, there was a horrible incident: A woman was killed by a tiger. Some people might think the tiger is at fault, but a tiger is a wild animal and it shouldn’t be expected to not behave like they should. One cannot put a wild animal in a zoo and believe that there will be no issue. It has also been reported that almost 500 animals died in this zoo for the past 4 years. Local authorities found two snow leopard almost eaten, an overweight giraffe and many other horrible conditions for animals. The many reported issues in the zoo might lead for the South Lakes Safari Zoo to close.


This article seems reliable as many other articles have been written about it by different newspapers such as Time. The Guardian newspaper also confirmed on the 6th of March that the license was denied and therefore the zoo shall close. There is also another article with more information about the animals’ conditions, but the readers must be warned that the article contains many shocking images.


These are really specific articles on the same subject which is the Cumbria Zoo, but it is not the only zoo. Anyone, groups and individuals, can respond to the issue by the principle of New Power. According to Jeremy, New power is the deployment of mass participation and peer coordination to create change and shift outcomes. In other words, New Power is people working together to change outcomes.  It can be a platform where anyone has access to it and can upload, share, the community is the one who controls it. It is the best way nowadays to solve issues as it is worldwide. Any individuals and groups can participate in solving the zoo issue by signing the petition such as this one. Any shared posts on Facebook who is a New Power social media can have an impact. By sharing, you raise the awareness on what is happening in zoos.




Zoo's are fun when being a child but as you grow older you realize that maybe these trapped animals are unhappy. They have such limited space and these are wild animals who want to be free and be able to enjoy nice free open land. Deaths can vary from people to animals. These wild animals can escape any minute of the day, attacking someone because that is what they do and animals can hunt each other. Which is terrible and honestly I believe animals shouldn't be trapped like this. They are allowed to have freedom.

This is very true because we all go to the zoo and think it so amazing to se the animals. But when we think about it all those animals are suffering some people treat them bad.

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