What In the world is going on!

by mathewdupere on February 12, 2017 - 1:42pm


What in the world is going on!


Today Time magazine and BBC news released an article about another Syrian conflict. In the article they explain that a Syrian prison was killing thousands of inmates that may have been guilty or innocent but no one knows. They say that the people who were convicted of the crimes were “detained before a military field court in the capitals Qaboun district lasting from one to three minutes.” they then proceed to say that a former military court judge quoted by amnesty said that detainees were asked if they had committed the alleged crimes. Then they say that whether the answer is yes or no they are convicted of the crime.


Other information that Time magazine has in their article that many others didn't have about this issue is an interview with someone who was present during the prison murders and who describe it as “death was always present in Saydnaya it was like the air”, said Alshogre. From the information that the article gives us they say that all these killings tortures and the “sham” trials were all approved by the highest levels of government. Lots of this information has been leaked by 31 former detainees and 31 past judges and officials which helps Time magazine with legitimizing this article because there are lots of witness accounts.


Personally this does worry me for multiple reasons. One of the reasons is because it is very too hear about things like this that have happened and it isn't the most fun thing to read about because of the subject. Although it isn't very easy to read or hear it is a very important topic and it needs to be talked about because it needs to be changed. Another reason this topic is important to me is because I had family in Syria during this time, now they live in the United states with uncles family in Arizona but not knowing that your family could be endangered is frightening to hear about.




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