The urgent need to end the Third Country Agreement

by gabrielleL on March 20, 2017 - 1:15pm

Since the beginning of 2017, Canada has seen an increase in the number of asylum seekers crossing its border every day. Because people are denied the right to enter into the country at the regular point of entry, many decide to use dangerous methods to arrive in Canada.

As it has been explained by Cole Desmond in his article in The Star posted on March, 16, 2017, people are desperate to enter into Canada and many put their lives in danger to do so. Immigrants are walking hours into the forest in freezing temperature in the hope to cross the Canadian border. However, since most people are not equipped adequately for those cold temperature, many suffered from severe frostbites. According to Cole, this increase in illegal crossing can be explained by the agreement we have with the United States which makes us reject most demand for asylum at regular crossing. However, a loophole in the agreement allows Canada to accept the demand if the person is already on Canadian territory. Therefore, people are risking their lives to enter the country.

Recently, the story of Mamadou has been told by Jonathan Montpetit on CBCNews. Mamadou, an immigrant working as a taxi driver in New York City, started to fear for his life, when Trump passed harsher immigration politics. Fearing to be deported to Africa, Mamadou asked for asylum in Canada. However, because he already made an asylum request in the United States before, Mamadou was not illegible to enter into Canada. With no other options, he decided to cross the border by walking several hours in the forest. Mamadou was found by the Canadian border patrol the next day, as he lost conscious because of the freezing temperature.

Today, many lawyers from Ottawa are urging the Canadian government to suspend the Third Country Agreement. In order to support the cause, the concept of new power could be applied. New Power is defined as a coordinated action that allows people to connect with each other in order to support a cause. For this issue, people could leave missed call to the lawyers that are protesting against the Third Country Agreement in order to show their support for the cause.