Should the laws be more drastic about distribution of nude pictures without consent?

by pascaleworld on January 28, 2017 - 1:40pm

Ever since medias have existed on Internet, it has become easier and easier to upload and obtain nude pictures of people among the world. Anyone can post nudity content and send it to thousands of Internet users. Kate McKenna has investigated the issue. Mckenna is a journalist at CBC news, she has won multiple awards for her work and investigations and is a nominee to be in the top 23 of female leaders in Canada. She is part of multiple groups such as BBC or CAJ, her experience makes her reliable enough to trust her articles. 


Mckenna wrote in her new article posted on CBC's webite the 26th of January how previous investigations on the subject had discovered hundreds of nude pictures of Montreal Women online. She quotes a lawyer in her article who explains how the laws cannot follow the fast growing Internet, what makes it harder is the fact that Internet doesn't have borders like countries, it is worldwide. The laws still punish the criminals to five years in Canada.Sadly, minors are the most affected and it is difficult to catch the creators of these websites. Even if they manage to remove the pictures from the website, they could have been posted somewhere else. Furthermore, not all the managers of sexual websites agree to remove the pictures and it affects many women in Québec.


According to Canada's official sexual assault website, the offenders can obtain a life sentence for sexual assaults, but the maximum for distribution of nude pictures without the model's consent is 5 years. Even if no physicial agression is done by the offenders on Internet, it can still hurt mentally the victims. Individuals can help by simply reporting the websites to the police, the more they receive people the most likely they will act. Even if the people who report the issues are not victims, they help by rising the number of reports.







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